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a strong body builds a
strong business

High performance health coaching for busy professionals - from Amsterdam to Dubai.

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ABOUT execufit

At EXECUFIT we understand what it takes to live a high performing lifestyle. You value your career, love to push beyond boundries and you enjoy all the best things life has to offer in your free time. You want the same thing for your health and body, but you may struggle integrating a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule.

We get that, because we've been trough all of that too. We are not just coaches that know their way around the gym. We are a collective of entrepreneurs and we coach career driven individuals to become fit both in and out the gym. We now want to share our knowledge with you, that's why we developed an intensive program that will be of great support for your high performing lifestyle. 

Build a strong physique and build a strong business in the board room.

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High performance coaching services

No matter how busy you are, there is always a type of coaching available that fits your needs. Whether you're looking for in person coaching or you need guidance from a distance, we provide you with a top quality program so you can perform at your highest level in life.

Personal Training

Be coached in private with no gym mebership needed.

Online coaching

Elevate your confidence making healthier decisions that fits a high performing lifesyle. 

Hybrid coaching

For those who travel a lot and need a coach in person ánd online.

Meet the Team

Our team of certified coaches are ready to make a battle plan for you to reach your fitness goals. With our expertise, you can be assured you are in good hands.


why us

High class personal trainers

Our certified coaches go beyond being fitness enthusiasts. They share a deep passion for entrepreneurship and possess a unique understanding of the effects of a hectic schedule. Our primary objective is to inspire and steer you towards achieving your best potential.

Lose weight

A combination of strength- and interval training and is going to help you burn more calories - even after your workout!

Build muscle

A personally designed resistance training program will effectively and efficiently help you build muscle over time.


Our holistic approach will make you physically and mentally stronger. We are here to enhance your health.


Our program is designed to be functional so you can move better in daily life: pain free, flexible and strong.

Our Clients Say

Shrikar Velanand.jpg
I’m quite experienced with lifting but I felt I was plateauing and also injuring myself more. I really liked how personal her approach is. as a guy I was initially tentative that she wouldn’t be able to push me to lift heavy enough. We set the goal to gain 5 kgs and after 2 months I had gained 2.5kgs, boosted my endurance and worked on stabilization and strengthening weak points. The results not withstanding. I’ve also found every workout with Susan to be a really pleasant experience where I’m just hanging out with a friend who is constantly encouraging me to give a 100% for each set. I expected that I had little to learn, but Susan definitely added some complex power moves to my repertoire, targeting stabilization muscles that I probably never would have hit myself. Overall, I am really happy with my decision to hire her as a personal trainer and I’m really grateful for the level of personal attention and investment I get from her.

Shrikar Venaland, Product Lead Adyen

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