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Personal training in dubai

Personal training in the comfort of your own appartment or compound gym. Execufit brings the highest quality coaches to your doorstep. Cut travel time and cancel expensive gym memberships. 

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Why Us

Our certified coaches go beyond being fitness enthusiasts. They share a deep passion for entrepreneurship and possess a unique understanding of the effects of a hectic schedule. Our primary objective is to inspire and steer you towards achieving your best potential.

Lose weight

A combination of strength- and interval training and is going to help you burn more calories - even after your workout!

Build muscle

A personally designed resistance training program will effectively and efficiently help you build muscle over time.


Our holistic approach will make you physically and mentally stronger. We are here to enhance your health.


Our program is designed to be functional so you can move better in daily life: pain free, flexible and strong.

Our Clients in dubai Say

Stefanie Noort.jpg
"I started following Susan on Instagram around August 2021. I always played hockey when I was back in Holland, but after moving to Dubai I couldn't find the drive to start working out. Ordering all the sweets and unhealthy food on Deliveroo didn't help a lot as well... I really have a sweet tooth. I've gained over 10kgs and wanted to get rid of it!
When she put a poll on her Instagram about starting going to the gym, I anwsered that I didn't know how to start! After some conversations with Susan, she finally convinced me to start working out with a personalized workout plrogram and food plan.
It took me some time to finally adjust to the 'new fit life' but I wish I did this way earlier! I've lost 7kgs, I'm finally having a new weekly routine and it doesn't cost me any effort to go to the gym anymore! I'm getting stronger and leaner every day and I love my new routine. Bisides that I always struggled with back pain, and I must say that strengthening my back has resultied in getting rid of it. Susan is always approachable on Whatsapp and always there to help you if you're having any struggles. She always motivates you to keep going! If you're doubting to start working out with Susan, please believe me: START NOW! 

Stefanie Noort, Nurse

your personal trainer in dubai

track record

December 2022 - present

May 2021

December 2020

Execufit Performance is growing rapidly and adding new coaches to the team. Over 200+ lives have been transformed so far.

Official registration of Aspire FG LLC in the United Arab Emirates. Execufit Performance is being established in Dubai.

Susan and Adriaan joining forces and ASpire Fitness Group was founded in Amsterdam. Actively coaching 30+ clients in person.

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Don't hesistate and start with our kick-off deal: claim your FREE introduction + 3 sessions for only 680dhs.

Still hesitant? An introducion with training and nutrition advice is always free of charge.




All prices are based on a 4 month regular program. Special prices apply if you commit for 6 or 12 months. Contact us for more information and claim your personal offer now. 

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susan poeder, ceo & head coach

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