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PERSONAL training

If you are looking for a private and personalized approach to reach your lifestyle and health goals, then our personal coaching program might be just for you. No gym membership is required and our programs can be followed in the convenience of your own home.

We arrange everything that is needed so you get the best result that is offered through our program. See the future of your fitness journey below!


step 1: schedule your consultation

Contact us directly or book a time that suits your schedule. Our fist consultation is designed to figure out your needs.

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We want to figure out which type of coaching fits best for you - and which coach connects the best with you. There's no one size fits all - want to figure out what works for YOU!


During your assesement, we will measure your fitness level, find out any instabilities, and challenge you during your workout to figure out what your body is capable of.


STEP 2: Assessment and plan

After your consultation, we will schedule an fitness assessement which enables us to provide a diagnosis, bespoke exercise plan and evidence-based advice.



Your specialist trainer will guide your through your tailored program getting you the best results possible - GUARANTEED.

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During your program your trainer will measure your progress each month and adjust your training and nutrition where neccesary. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We keep working with you until you reached your desired results. We know changing your lifestyle takes a lot of time and effort, that's why we set realistic and managable goals that that YOU are going to achieve - as long as you stick to the program. We're not going to promise you a beach body in 30 days, but if you are looking for sustainable, life changing results, you're at the right place.

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with our personalized programs you can expect: 


Plans tailored for you

All personalized training and meal plan are bespoke. Your home or gym workouts that will be designed specifically to your goals, weight and fitness level. Vegetarian, vegan and even Indian diets available.

We work together with top quality health experts to support your fitness journey.


We can come to you

Full service coaching without extra costs of a gym membership. We come to your house or home appartment gym and offer flexible hours. We bring the towels and mineral water, the only thing you need to bring is your energy!


In Amsterdam our coaches can welcome you at Gymbase Overtoom. 


Exclusive coaching app

We've designed our own application to track, measure and check your program and progress. All workouts are shown with easy to follow videos. This allows you to keep working out even when you are traveling.

All meal plans come with easy to follow recipes and shopping lists.


24/7 support and network

We are 24/7 avaiable for all your questions and daily struggles through Whatsapp. Connect with like minded members through our exclusive Execufit members group and always have a handfull of coaches available to you.

We host monthly meet-ups to network and learn more.

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Our summer

Holiday Sale

Get started for €149 and get your first session for free!


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Contact us for questions or enquiries! We'll try to get back with you within 24 hours.

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