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Accountability: we all struggle with this

Updated: Jul 17

Until the end of university you have so many people who hold you accountable: you have progress tests and tasks are literally written out for you and there is always someone who will chase you when things don't go well... 🏃‍♀️

What an easy life huh?

But then all of a sudden you're on your own. What are you doing then?

1. Be disciplined and hold yourself accountable

2. Find someone who holds you accountable

Dutch people are sometimes inclined to keep their goals to themselves, often out of the feeling of not wanting to receive annoying comments. 🥲

("You don't drink? That's boring!" "You're having a protein shake? You're a body builder now or what?!")

It's a pity because you will also not receive positive feedback from your environment that can help you with your goals.

I get that. But be honest: do you find it difficult to achieve your goals? Like losing those holiday pounds that secretly come back every year... Or simply follow a healthy diet that you maintain all year round. ☹️

Are you where you would like to be?

If the answer is no, then I want to challenge you to speak up about your goals.

What is your biggest goal for the end of 2022 and who is gonna hold you accountable? Drop your anwser with us!


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