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Sabbatical Stories

Embarking on a sabbatical, I set an ambitious goal: to seize every moment and channel my energy into bringing my business ideas to life. Little did I know that my journey would unfold quite differently.

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves in a perpetual state of being "switched on," making it difficult to disconnect. Still, I made a concerted effort to prioritize rest. I dedicated six days a week to work, reserving Sundays as my sacred day of rest (though it ended up becoming a pre-Monday). Amidst client sessions and classes, my days began early, included a significant mid-day break, and extended into the evening. With four to six productive hours each day, I had little to complain about, relishing a sense of freedom even as exhaustion and tension loomed.

In the first week of my sabbatical, I reveled in pure relaxation, allowing my mind and body to unwind. However, the second week brought an unexpected twist—a panic attack. Surprisingly, anxious thoughts were absent, yet my body remained locked in a fight or flight response.

My doctor explained that the accumulated cortisol in my system was now being expelled, as the adrenaline rush subsided. It was... uncomfortable. I've been guided by the best high performance coaches in the world, and this is what happens if you push yourselfs as far as you can. Just as athletes take months off from competitions before resuming training, I too needed a break. Struggling with chronic pain for months, I'm finally starting to feel like me again during my sabbatical.

Reflecting on my experience, I find humor in the expectations I had set for myself. If you're ever considering going on sabbatical, it's crucial to set less concrete goals and abandon the pursuit of performance-based achievements. Instead, the true purpose lies in recovery, regeneration, and the ability to relish moments of boredom. It's ironic how, as entrepreneurs, we view boredom as the nemesis of productivity. But perhaps it is precisely in those moments of idleness that creativity thrives.

Now, I'm genuinely curious: If you were able to step away from work for two to three months, what would be your chosen path? What purpose would you seek to fulfill?


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