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What Yoga At 200m High In Dubai Has Thaught Me

Updated: Jul 18

Did you know that meditation and yoga actually change the brain?

In 2011, Harvard published a study that meditation actually increased the cortical thickness in the hippocampus; the part in your brain that is responsible for learning & memory. It also decreases the brain cell volume in the amygdala, which is responsible for fear, anxiety, and stress.

Isn’t it cool that yoga and meditation not only change our subjective perceptions and feelings but actually change our brain as well?

Now, working and living in Dubai, it can be hard to find moments of peace in the midst of the hustle. That's why I was so excited to try a yoga class at on a Monday at 7.30AM.

We were guided through dynamic stretching poses – a routine my strength training regime lacks, to be honest.

After the class, I sat down for breakfast to have a quick look what’s ahead of me for the week. Even though it’s the same week as every other week, it suddenly looked a little less stressful.

Guess I need to practice my meditations a little bit more as well.


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