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Why health programs in corporate environments are neccesary

Updated: Jul 17

Did you know we live in an age of The Great Resignation? During last weeks Wellbeing Summit Middle East panelists agreed that ‘offering a competitive salary is no longer enough for a corporation to stand out in hiring’ and that the New World of Work means a new approach is required.

Corporate wellness is high on the agenda and the pandemic has played a big role in it. High performing teams require social connection – something that was lacking during the pandemic. Hybrid working was introduced, which offered employees more flexibility to work in their own way.

And this kind of flexibility is necessary, especially among millennial talents and Gen Z. Salary is no longer the only thing people are looking at when applying for a job so a more holistic perspective needs to be offered. At the same time, companies are also looking for employees who can offer something different than just their knowledge.

Mashreq Bank works with a framework called the Wheel of Happiness that focusses on six dimensions: professional wellbeing, community, physical and financial wellbeing, fun and family. “So, in essence, we’re trying to create a culture in which it’s not just the professional aspect of a person’s wellbeing but the full package. These types of programmes will be a necessity as we go forward, because the absence of it is going to be a disaster as companies compete on talent recruitment through them.”


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