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Why you should start working out together with your partner

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Training together as a couple improves mood and increases relationship satisfaction, Psychology Today writes.

- Exercise has many mental and physical health benefits, yet people find it difficult to find the motivation;

- Research suggests that working out together with your partner in crime can improve your mood and increase relationship satisfaction;

- Working out together makes exercising more fun, making it easier to maintain a workout routine.

According to a recent study from November 2021, issue Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, not only do we feel better during a workout together with our partner, we also experience many benefits from a training session together afterwards.

By doing activities together that are valuable, as a couple you are making progress towards a healthier life. Experiencing emotional support from your partner also contributes to an overall sense of satisfaction.

Moreover, if you have a workout with your partner on the agenda, you are less likely to skip a workout and you perform better because of social control.

Because we understand better than anyone the value of going to the gym together, we are making an offer this Valentine's Day where you can come and train with us; together with your partner or your Val gal (your best friend with whom you spend Valentine's Day).

What can you expect?

- Duo personal training sessions

- 2 personalized training plans for the price of 1

- Personalized meal plan

- Exclusive app to measure your progress

- Members' group for shared questions and activities

- Water + towel service


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